Dear Eugeni,

Yesterday my husband and I attended your talk about your book "Good Health"
We were so impressed that we decided to write a few words.
We found your illustrated talk was very informative and brilliantly presented.
My husband and I are both professional people, now in our early 80s.
Good health in later life is so important for us and E.Evsikov is a delightful, intelectual
and gifted gentleman who should be heard by as many people as possible.

S.&D Edwards England
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Dear Eugeni,

I got your book for my Mum, she has stressful job. In the article "Solving stress" she read about many interesting methods to reduce stress. And what is amazing, she used pendulum diagnostic method from the book to get advice on what treatment was the best for her. She used ear massage, acupressure points, elastic finger ring, herbal teas: dog rose and bilberry leaves for sleeping, St.Johns word for depression and to support immune system: mint,oregano,mountain ash and St.Johns word. As well she used sound "n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, " this sound supports nervous system and immune system. She sleeps better now, no more headaches and less negative emotions.

Rosemary Clark Ireland
Dear Eugeni,

My wife and I attended your talk about "Good Health" you explain in detail special techniques and exercises for self help treatments.
We attended various lectures and it crossed my mind that lectures on these "Alternative medicine "
subjects would be very interesting and informative not only for specialists but for everybody.

G.T. Waterson England
Dear Eugeni,

We have read your book "Good Health" with great interest.
My husband and I were also motivated by your talk on "Improve your memory"
If you wish to come to England, we would like to return the hospitality and friendliness you have
shown to us both.

R.&H. Robinson England